Semi Permanent Make Up

What is SPMU?

SPMU is a form of cosmetic tattooing. Pigment is placed beneath the surface of the skin much like tattooing. Allowing long lasting results that gradually fade.

What is the difference between SPMU and Microblading?

SPMU technique requires a tattoo machine. With this method we can create various looks. From hair strokes to powder brows.

Microblading is a hand held blade technique. with this method small cuts are made on the skin to mimic hair strokes.

Is it sore?

Pain varies from person to person, Numbing cream is applied before and during the treatment to Mae it as comfortable as possible. Generally you would feel a slight scratching sensation.

How will they look?

As always I design brows to each individual suiting your own style and personality. Your brow shape will be pre drawn so you can be sure you are happy with the shape and thickness. We will also discuss the look you would like. Natural hair strokes, powder brow or a bit of both.

How long will it take and what Is the process?

A 30min consultation is a must! This is when we discuss everything, ask any questions you might have and get you booked in for your treatment.

For your first treatment it can take upto 2 hours. We numb the area first, measure and draw your shape and then the actual tattooing happens!

Top up appointments are a little quicker and can take upto 1.5 hours.

How long will it last and do I still need to get my brows done?

This can vary from person to person again. Depending on skin type, lifestyles, environment factors, etc. Generally is can last upto 3 years with top ups every 12-18 months to maintain and keep the desired colour as the do slowly fade.

You will still have your normal regrowth but you might find you won't need them done quite as often.

Can anyone get this done?

You CANNOT get this done if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Some may have to seek medical advice from a doctor. This will all be discussed during your consultation.

Previous work by other artist I would have to assess you brows and decide if I can work on them or not.

What is the aftercare?

Alll aftercare will be given on the day of the treatment.

What might be useful to know is that you cannot wear make up or wet the area whilst it is healing. This can take up to 10days. Top up appointments is also necessary after your first appointment, this is usually 4-6 weeks after.

Allow up to 8 weeks to fully heal from your first appointment. 


£250 (includes 4 weeks top up)

Colour boost appointments:

6-12 months - £150

12-18 months - £200

18+ months would be a full price treatment

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